Re: AMBER: Sander Replica Exchange exits with unit 6 error

From: Guanglei Cui <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:31:07 -0500

Hi, Jordi

I don't have access to a system like the one you are using. I'm sure
that you may have to debug it yourself. I would try to open mdout with
"unknown" status first (see line 101 in mdread.f and line 95 in
mdfil.f.) and see what happens. When the code was first written, it
worked on Compaq Tru64 architecture with similar storage layout.


Jordi Rodrigo wrote:
> Hi Guangiei,
> we have tried to run the job under various locations. The TMPDIR is a
> temporary directory created automatically and specificaly for submitted job
> and destroyed at the end of the job. The space is local for performance
> reasons (the i/o are way fasters). But we have tried also to run the job on
> GPFS shared directories. GPFS is an IBM proprietary NFS-like. But in both
> cases we continue to get the same error:
> Unit 6 Error on OPEN: mdout.rem.001
> Unit 6 Error on OPEN: mdout.rem.000
> Your help is very appreciated,
> Gilles and Jordi
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