RE: AMBER: istart2

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 09:18:32 -0800

> Too many atoms for 16 bit pairlist -
> Recompile without ISTAR2
> *I changed ISTAR2 to ISTAR4 in machine file and recompiled
> but it still
> shows the same error,i dont know where the problem lies.any
> suggestions
> and has anyone encountered such a problem

I am guessing that you didn't do "make clean" before recompiling. After
changing the machine file (make sure you edit the correct file. The one
$AMBEROME/src/MACHINE is linked to). Then cd $AMBERHOME/src.

make clean

This should then recompile everything. Check the compiler command lines that
are echoed to the screen to ensure -DISTAR4 is displayed instead of

I suspect that this problem is the same problem as you are getting on your 4
processor cluster. In parallel the error message is probably just getting
lost somewhere.

All the best

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