Re: AMBER: Babel

From: FyD <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 00:07:11 +0100

> Thank you very much for the suggestion. I found some issues about 'babel'
> from Amber mail-reflectors, and tried the command'babel -ipdb model.pdb
> -omol2 model.mol2'. I got the message saying that 'The environment
> variable BABEL_DIR is not defined. Please define this variable to so
> babel can find element.lis'. Is 'Babel' a part of 'Amber7'? it is seems a
> part of R.E.D. But I can't find where it is in the Amber7 manual.

Babel program: or, last version: 1.6, this prog. is not developed

Openbabel program:, which is the official version of Babel under
cat .cshrc
setenv BABEL_DIR /usr/local/babel
set path = ($path usr/local/babel)
babel -ipdb molecule.pdb -omol2 molecule.mol2
All this will be available in the R.E.D.-II manual.

Regards, Francois

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