Re: AMBER: solvation free energies using mmpbsa

From: Ray Luo <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 21:06:07 -0700

Karl N. Kirschner wrote:

>Hi Again,
> I am still trying to understand the mmpbsa script in AMBER and its
>output. What I would like to accomplish is to calculate the free energy
>of solvation for a single molecule, say ethanol.
> Reading the manual, it appears that mmpbsa is capable of doing this by
>setting RECEPTOR flag to 1 in order to obtain an "absolute free energy"
>of the molecule and then by setting the GB flag to 1 obtain a
>"desolvation free energy" for the molecule. The output of this
>calculation includes the gas-phase energy (GAS) and an energy called
>GBTOT, which is defined as the summation of the hydrophobic
>contributions to the solvation free energy (GBSUR), the reaction field
>energy (GB), and the gas-phase energy. So, am I correct in saying the
>the free energy of solvation is then GBTOT - GAS? IF this is correct,
>then does one need to correct for entropy term that is left out the GAS
>phase part. If this is incorrect, could someone explain how I might
>find this value using mmpbsa. One last question - what temperature are
>these free energies calculated at?
>Thanks again.
Why not use thermodynamic integration in sander? You can compute
solvation free energy of ethanol in explicit solvent without post


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