Re: AMBER: AMBER 8 installation trouble

From: David A. Case <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 08:43:44 -0700

On Mon, Oct 11, 2004, Atro Tossavainen wrote:
> FC1 compiles fine with Intel's v8 compiler, but running tests freezes
> the machine:
> cd tip5p; ./Run.tip5p
> forrtl: info: Fortran error message number is 174.
> forrtl: warning: Could not open message catalog:
> forrtl: info: Check environment variable NLSPATH and protection of /usr/lib/

What happens when you follow the suggestions above? Sander operates
completely in the user space, and no such program should be able to freeze the
machine, even if it has a bug.

> On Solaris 8, I get the following. (Compiler = Sun Workshop 6 update 2)
> cd src/Xmu; make
> cc -c -I/usr/openwin/include -DSYSV -o AllCmap.o AllCmap.c
> cc -c -I/usr/openwin/include -DSYSV -o Atoms.o Atoms.c
> "./Atoms.h", line 112: syntax error before or at: char

Look at the definition of _Xconst in /usr/lib/X11/Xfuncproto.h. _Xconst should
get expanded to "const", but it sounds like it is not. You may need to add
-D__STDC__ to your $(CC) variable in config.h. (I am just guessing here,
based on files in SunOS 5.8, which works fine.)

What is the output of "uname -a"? From "cc -V"?

> On OSF1 4.0F, I get the following. (Compiler = DIGITAL Fortran 90 and 77 V5.2)
> /lib/cpp -traditional -C -P -I/afs/bi/v/.sys/apps/molbiol/amber/8/src/include m
> dread.f > _mdread.f
> f90 -c -tune host -arch host -free -o mdread.o _mdread.f
> f90: Error: _mdread.f, line 1518: This NAMELIST object is invalid. [TRESCNT]

In mdread.f try changing the line:

   integer, intent(out) :: trescnt


   integer :: trescnt

Probably a long shot, but I don't see why trescnt should be an illegal
namelist object.

....good luck...dac

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