Re: AMBER: Parameters for phosphorylated aminoacids

From: Nadine Homeyer <>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 12:57:14 +0200

Dear all,

We intend to publish the parameters on the AMBER-list as soon as our
article in J. Mol. Model. is available online (or at least finally
accepted). We hope you understand our proceeding.


N. Homeyer

Carlos Simmerling wrote:

> does this mail mean that you are making the parameters availble now?
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> Nadine Homeyer wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> because of the increasing number of inqueries about phosphorylated
>> serine parameters we would like to inform you about an upcoming
>> contribution to the Journal of Molecular Modeling (N. Homeyer, A.H.C.
>> Horn, H. Lanig, H. Sticht, J. Mol. Model., submitted). Therein we
>> provide parameters for the phosphorylated forms of SER, HIS, TYR and
>> THR that will be publicly available (i.e. sent to the Amber
>> contributed parameter database), of course.
>> Regards,
>> N. Homeyer

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