AMBER: how to calculate E-pot from restart file?

From: J. Zhang, Dr <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 11:13:44 +0800

Dear amber users,

I did a MD calculation with this mdin file
then I got a restart file md.rst and the
corresponding E-pot=-200 from the md.out file.

now my question is, if I only have the md.rst
file, how to calcuate the corresponding E-pot.

my method is to do a 1-step MD again with this
restart file, but the obtained E-pot from md.out
is E-pot=-207, which is not equal to the value
of previous run. This is due to rounding error?
how to get the exact E-pot from only the restart

I am sorry for this simple question.

Best Regards,
J. Zhang, Dr
Institute of Biophysics
Nanjing University

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