Re: AMBER: performance of amber7/xlf/macosX 10.3 with JAC on xserve g5@2.0GHz

From: Mengjuei Hsieh <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 12:12:39 -0700


You can check
for some tweaks I did before.

My result (111.2 ps per day) is pretty similar to yours.

You can also try to use Apple's vBLAS instead of amber7's BLAS when you are
using g77. (However I didn't see any difference on XLF though.)

Mengjuei Hsieh
On 5/24/04 12:45 AM, Tru Huynh at wrote:
> I am pretty far from
> I guess I am doing something wrong :(
> Any clues?
> Tru
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