Re: AMBER: parallel installation problem

From: Guanglei Cui <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 21:54:21 -0400


You should specify where MPICH header and library files can be found on
your system. This can be done with setenv MPICH_HOME or export
MPICH_HOME. You can do a "./configure -h" to see more detailed options
for amber8 compilation.



Oliver Hucke wrote:
> Dear amber users & developers,
> I am trying to install amber8 on a linux cluster using the intel
> fortran90 compiler, version 8.
> I can install the serial version, which passes (almost) all tests, i.e.
> the compiler works.
> When I try to configure the parallel installation with
> ./configure -mpich ifort
> I get the error message
> ./configure: line1: [path_to_mpich]/bin/mpif90: No such file ...
> "make parallel" leads to numerous messages like
> ": undefined reference to 'mpi_...'
> and finally to an interruption of the installation procedure.
> The problem seems to be that during the installation of mpich for some
> reason the fortran support gets turned off. Execution of the configure
> script for mpich ( leads to the messages:
> ...
> checking that Fortran programs can link with needed C functions... no
> ...
> Warning: Fortran programs cannot be linked with the C libraries
> Fortran support being turned off
> ...
> The environment variables for the c- and fortran compilers are set and
> recognized by the configure script.
> How can I get the fortran part of mpich properly installed?
> Thanks very much,
> Oliver
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