Re: AMBER: MD at different pH !!

From: Do Anh Tuan <>
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004 11:20:04 +0700

>Hi Tuan,
>TITRA assigns the charge of residues, NOT the atomic charges. If let say the
>charges of residue X is 0.123 in pH 7 and 0.345 in pH 8, how can you assign
>this charges in AMBER? I don't think you can do it, unless if you want to
>play around with QM calculation...:-)

Hi Bimo,
I'm sure that you're right. But you can not calculate QM for all of
residues (?!). In this case, you will use TITRA for distant pHs (pH3, 6,
9). So you can chose the charge of residues in AMBER. :)


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