Re: AMBER: Cartitian Restraint Error

From: Jiten <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 23:26:31 +0900

It works if I devide into groups having less than 12 atomtypes in each group.

Sorry for the trouble,


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  Subject: AMBER: Cartitian Restraint Error

  Dear Amber community,

  In an attempt to minimize the protein with the heavy atoms cartitian restraints, I got the following massages

  **** NUMBER OF FIND CARDS = 12 IS TOO BIG ******

       rfree: Error decoding variable 2 2 from:

  When I check the amber mailing list - it has been instructed to modify the rgroup.f - I modify it as follows.



  And recompile the sander.

  It gives the same error when I rerun the sander. Do I need to modify something somewhere.

  Thanking for your help in advance.


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