AMBER: Separation of a Water molecules

From: nabe <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 09:59:22 +0900

Dear AMBER users.

 We have encountered the very serious problem. It is
that the water molecules in the middle of MD
separates. The links and explanations of pictures
wrote below.

 Is a countermeasure in this phenomenon?


K. Watanabe
Please look at files as
(156 Kbytes)
(148 Kbytes).

*MD0.jpg is before MD execution (t=0ps),
 and MD1.jpg is after MD execution (t=20ps).

 The important conditions of MD are
 - cell size ~ 80x80x80A^3
 - using WATBOX216 for water molecules
 - algorithm PME and NTP
 - using sander of amber5.

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