From: Holger Gohlke <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 21:47:59 +0100

Chris Moth schrieb:

> I grepped for surften in the amber7/src/sander/*.f files, and found no
> other use of the variable, so setting it to 1.0 should not harm any other
> calculation.

That's right.

> In other words, The surften value that passes to sander is not
> the same as the SURFTEN value you pass to SURFTEN and SURFOFF
> are apparently only used by the perl script only
> after the sander calculations with surften=1.0

That is also right. The reason is that in this way one can use one SAS
calculation together with different SURFTEN and SURFOFF values to
determine different G_nonpolar contributions (e.g. if the polar part to
the solvation free energy is determined by GB and solving the PB
equation in one run).

> Also, if you prefer to use the molsurf program instead of sander's LCPO
> implementation, molsurf should work stand-alone, but you will have to sort
> through the C code (in mm_pbsa directory) and build an input .pdb file for
> each frame of interest. Typing molsurf gives:
> Usage: molsurf pqrfile probe_rad

Just one comment - setting MS to "1" in the file leads to
using molsurf for calculating the SAS, i.e. conversion of the snapshot
files to pqr files is done within

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