AMBER: mddisplay

From: Chris Moth <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 12:29:12 -0600

At 07:21 PM 10/28/2003 -0500, Samy Name_removed_after_user_request wrote:
>Is there, by any chance, an undocumented option in preproc to process
>every nth
>frame, rather than every frame from a trajectory?

Yes, to my astonishment, it does look like someone indeed tacked it into
the code in a
prior release. It's a feature we're sure to use quite a bit. I must take
care to document this in the manual.

To add only every nth frame to the preproc movie output files, you must
enter on the preproc command line a -f flag and count as documnted,
immediately followed by %skipcount without space as in:

   -f 500%4

You cannot do

   -f 500 %4


   -f %4

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