AMBER: a question

From: Pingna Xu <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:01:12 -0400


I have one question.I want to specify a distance-dependent dielectric(implicit water force field) for my minimization.And I am working with amber 7.But I can not find the card.I remember we use idiel=0 in amber 5 and
igb=3 in amber 6.I have checked the website and found the sentence "Add the following note: in Amber 6, igb=3 was used to specify a distance-dependent dielectric; in Amber 7, this can be accomplished by setting eedmeth=5 in the &ewald namelist (see p. 100)." But I think my case is not an ewald one.So this sentence is not applicable to my case,right?I am not sure...


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