AMBER: cd-c-os and c3-cd-c angle parameters

From: Vikas Varshney <>
Date: 24 Sep 2003 15:10:09 -0000

I am having some problem in getting cd-c-os and c3-cd-c angle
parameters as they
are not defined in the gaff.dat file. At the end of the file it is
written that

Please find the latest parameter file from

I looked at this URL, but it didn't open. My molecule is methyl

I will really appreciate if any of you can help me in getting
these parameters either by
giving me the updated link of this site where latest gaff.dat file
is present or some
other way of getting these parameters.


On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 Robert Duke wrote :
>Dear Amber users,
>The latest update of PMEMD (3.03) is now available at the Amber
>web page,
> This update has the following features:
>1) The Amber 7 parameter-topology file (prmtop) format is now
>This allows one to directly use prmtop files created by Amber 7
>leap, and
>basically provides support for large problems. The amber 6
>format prmtop is
>limited in that it will only support 33,332 atoms with dihedral
>I have tested PMEMD with a system of about 540,000 atoms and a
>system with
>more than 33,332 dihedrals, and it works.
>2) A bugfix for a problem reported earlier on the Amber reflector
>with COM
>velocity removal. This is the only critical bugfix in 3.03.
>3) A minor bugfix for a segmentation fault when iwrap .gt. 0 and
>ntwprt .gt.
>A more detailed description is given in the 3.03 update notice
>available at
>Regards - Bob Duke
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