RE: anyone have AMBER benchmarks with gigabit ethernet?

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 10:42:57 +0100

Dear Carlos,

If you go to there is
an excel spreadsheet of a range of amber 7 tests I have conducted using
dual processor athlon 2200MP's with gigabit and scali.

Using lam 6.5.9 with the intel v7.0 ifc compilers with -D_REENTRANT,
-O3, -tpp6 options and including -DMPI, -DROWAT and -DRLE in the system
flags at compilation I can get (for LADH ca 76000 atoms) 9.58x speed up
over 16 cpus with scali and 8.69x speedup for gigabit.

For the JAC benchmark I get 7.68x speedup over scali (16 cpus) and 6.14x
over gigabit which is essentially the same as those quoted for redfish
on the amber website.

I hope this helps

All the best

|\oss Walker

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> Subject: anyone have AMBER benchmarks with gigabit ethernet?
> does anyone have benchmarks for AMBER7 using
> gigabit ethernet? There are numbers on the AMBER
> benchmark page but we are unable to reproduce the
> scaling values (ours are much worse). I'd like to hear
> from anyone else what they have tried.
> Note that this is for gigabit ethernet, not Myrinet or Giganet.
> thanks
> Carlos
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