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From: Majid moghaddam <erfani_m_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun 16 Feb 2003 05:57:21 -0800 (PST)

I am new to amber. To make input files I have to
modify pdb file. Then since there are 6 CYX residues
in my protein I have to determine the disulfide bonds
using bond command as described in manual:
bond xxx.3.SG xxx.19.SG
After using "saveamberparm" command following messages
appear and parameter file is not saved:

could not find angle parameter: HS - SH - S
could not find angle parameter: SH - S - CT
could not find angle parameter: CT - SH - S
no tortion terms for HS - SH - S - CT
no tortion terms for CT - SH - S - CT

I would appreciate if someone help me
Best regards

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Received on Sun Feb 16 2003 - 05:57:21 PST
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