Isotropic Solvent Box

From: N. Jiten Singh <>
Date: Thu 13 Feb 2003 20:28:55 +0900

Dear Amber Users,

When I generate the solvent Box using SolvateBox with iso options it is shown to create the cubic box -but when I save it using saveoff the boundbox parameters have ractangular box parameters. Then I modify the box parameters to be cubic in Topology file after saving top anc crd files. When I equilibrated the solvent box using Sander or Sander_classic it forms ractangular equlibrated box.

I am interested in making a perfect equlibrated box just like it is provided in Amber solvents.lib.

Can anyone help me to create an equlibrated cubic Box.

Thanking you,

Best wihses

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Pohang 790-784, Korea
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Received on Thu Feb 13 2003 - 03:28:55 PST
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