Re: sander (CAP) chokes on efc (Itanium2/Linux)

From: Tadashi Takemori <>
Date: Wed 18 Dec 2002 18:38:25 +0900

Thank you for the advice. Yes, I am using Amber7 with efc7.0 on Red Hat
Linux. I have tried modifying Machine.nec_tx for my hp workstation
zx2000 (Red Hat Linux/Itanium2/efc-ecc), but got the same result (chokes
on Run.cap as on a few others). I instead tried compiling with -O2
wherever the option was -O3 and it worked perfectly! I therefore still
suspect this to be a bug in the efc. Thank you for the help all the
same. (Perhaps this info should be put up somewhere for
Itanium2/Linux/efc users?)

Tadashi Takemori
Institute of Materials Science
University of Tsukuba,
Tsukuba Ibaraki 305-8573, Japan

Karen Haskell wrote:

>Are you using Amber 7?
>See the Amber web page under "Amber-related links" to download
>files and instructions we (at NEC) used to build Amber 7 on
>Itanium. The files and instructions you want to look at are for
>the NEC_TX systems. This was initially done on Itanium but
>should be fine for Itanium2. If you have any further questions
>please contact us.
> Karen Haskell
> NEC Solutions (America), Inc.
> Advanced Technology Computing Center
> 4200 Research Forest Drive, Suite 400
> The Woodlands, TX 77381-4257
> E-mail:
> Phone: 281-465-1529
> Fax: 281-465-1599
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>From: Tadashi Takemori []
>Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 1:11 AM
>Subject: sander (CAP) chokes on efc (Itanium2/Linux)
>I have compiled AMBER on an Itanium2/Linux machine using the
>Fortran Compiler that comes by the name of 'efc' instead of 'ifc'
>just making a symbolic link ifc -> efc and using Machine.ifc.
>The test
>runs passed perfectly on most items but failed dismally on a
>number of items notably in Run.cap in nonper, reporting a series
>question marks '?????????' instead of numbers (indicating the
>blew up). Given that the same program works perfectly in most
>runs but
>blows up completely in others, I suspect this is a compiler
>issue, or
>some slight unintended/unannonced modification in the Fortran
>from ifc to efc. Can you possibly provide me with some helpful
>information (e.g. a Machine file specifically tuned for use with
>Hat Linux)?
>Thank you.
>Tadashi Takemori
>Institute of Materials Science,
>University of Tsukuba,
>Tsukuba Ibaraki 305-8573, Japan
>tel: +81-298-53-5312
Received on Wed Dec 18 2002 - 01:38:25 PST
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