FEP/Gibbs question

From: meiselba <Heike.Meiselbach_at_organik.uni-erlangen.de>
Date: Tue 19 Nov 2002 16:29:07 +0100

I have two questions regarding gibbs (Amber 5).
My first question:
I am working with the "Simple free energy example" tutorial in the web.
When I try to perform a valine to alanine free energy determination with
Gibbs as the
tutorial describes, I get an error in Xleap. The error message is: Could
not find the perturbed type DH and Parameter file was not saved.
What am I doing wrong?
My second question:
I would like to simulate free energy perturbation with a mutation of
tetracycline to anhydrotetracycline.
How can I create a gibbs input file for the mutation of tetracycline to
anhydrotetracycline and how can I vary the charges? What are the dummy

Thanks in advance!
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