Using the new2oldparm command

From: <>
Date: Thu 01 Aug 2002 14:18:32 -0600


I am trying to convert my Amber7 parameter/topology file and molecular
dynamics trajectory file into an Amber6 file format so that I can use
them to generate a movie using the VMD display programm. I know that
there is a command/programm (?) \"new2oldparm\" available that would
convert these files. I don\'t know how to use that program/command or
where I can find information about how to use it. I could not find
anything in the Amber7 user\'s manual, or on the website.

Can anyone help?
Am I supposed to use this command in any particular program of the
I tried typing \"new2oldparm version7filename version6filename\", but the
program\'s response was \"command not found.\"

Thank you for any suggestions

Diana Habel-Rodriguez
Received on Thu Aug 01 2002 - 13:18:32 PDT
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