Re: am1-bcc charges, antechamber

From: Laurent Chiche <>
Date: Thu 25 Jul 2002 11:17:58 +0200

M. L. Dodson wrote:

> On 24 Jul, David A. Case wrote:
>>[But yet another aside: I have never been able to find a version of mopac7
>>that works for me, e.g. just compiling under g77 and giving correct results.
>>I've solicted suggestions from the CCL list, but none of the suggested
>>responses would work (again, for me). Certain compilers or "magic options"
>>generally seem to be required, and I've had reports that the Merz group at
>>Penn State has figured this out. Comments from mopac-gurus would be
>>appreciated; see the comments on p.8 of the users' manual for a pointer to
>>a version of mopac5 that I have used.]
> The version compiled by the FreeBSD "ports" collection entry for
> mopac7 specifically mentions:
> <quote>
> Potring to 4.0-CURRENT (__FreeBSD_version == 400005) and later versions
> have been assisted greatly by Glenn Johnson <>,
> thanks a lot !
> He found that an unusable binary was produced using g77 at FreeBSD 4,
> then it is recommended to use f2c/cc.
> </quote>

Getting MOPAC7 from WebMo

and following the "MOPAC 7 Installation Instructions for Linux"

worked fine for me. As noticed by Bud Dodson, f2c and gcc are used.

Received on Thu Jul 25 2002 - 02:17:58 PDT
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