Re: Fwd: Re: probelms in install of amber (fwd)

From: Marcelo Roitburd <>
Date: Thu 27 Jun 2002 23:59:35 +0300 (IDT)

Dear David!

really thanks about your help me , but anyway i have a really problems in
my instalation.
i can't instaledtio i have a error and here are the errors:

 mv atomtype bcc bcctype antechamber crdgrow delphigen espgen
parmcal parmchk parmjoin prepgen respgen ../../exe
        cp ../../exe
        cd leap; xmkmf
sh: xmkmf: not found
*** Error code 127 (bu21)

here the instaltion stop, but before i have a some error and i recevied
ignored, and receveid a some strange warning:

ld32: WARNING 84 : /usr/local/amber7/src/Machines/standard/sys.a is not
used for resolving any symbol.

have a some log, in instalation? why i can't make a instalation , iahve c
. fortran90 and cpp compiler , all full instalation


marcelo roitburd

> I have no idea what it means, but "warnings" from an SGI linker are probably
> innocuous. There doesn't seem to be any error messages (at least in the
> above text). SGI compilers/linkers are prone to issue lots of warnings,
> which are dependent upon details of the OS, compilers, etc.
> Unless there is some other problem, I wouldn't worry about that one.
> Please send amber questions to the reflector:
> <>.
> ..good luck...dac
Received on Thu Jun 27 2002 - 13:59:35 PDT
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