Save from LEaP to a PDBQ file ?

From: jeff dyason <>
Date: Fri 12 Apr 2002 13:50:32 +1000

        I have set up my protein structure in LEaP and before running any
calculations I want to dock in a ligand using AutoDock. This requires a
modified pdb file be set up which has a partial charge for each atom of
the protein, usually in the B factor column. Is there any way to convert
one of the output file types available from LEaP to the pdbq format. I
have had a quick look at the manual for the programs supplied with AMBER
7 like ptarj and Carnal, as well as OpenBabel but I can't see an obvious
way of obtaining a pdbq file from any files that LEaP writes out.
        I thought that Antechamber may be able to do what I want but when I
try the following the program crashes and dumps core :-

antechamber -i leap.pdb -fi pdb -o leap.pdbq -fo mpdb

leap.pdb is a pdb file output from LEaP and is of a protein around 400
residues and I am assuming the mpdb file format is at least close to
what I want as it appears to be generated from the program delphigen
within the antechamber suite of programs.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Bye Jeff.
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Received on Thu Apr 11 2002 - 20:50:32 PDT
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