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From: shailendra singh <>
Date: Tue 19 Mar 2002 05:57:48 +0000


Dear Sir

Please tell me .
My question is as follows.

i have installed Red Hat Linux 7.1 on my intel pIII machine
i have copies all the files means complete directory in my hard disk
complete and all folder of AMBER.
and set all the parameter as per guide line in installation manual(which i
feel is not sufficent).
then where to start or Execute the program.
how to complit it
please help me David Sir
i m in great pain
my job will blow away if i not installed the AMBER.

Thansks and Regards

>From: David Case <>
>Subject: Re: Amber
>Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 14:45:01 -0800
>On Mon, Mar 18, 2002, by way of Jim Keais wrote:
> > Please tell me how and step by step to access the AMBER SOFTWARE.
> >
> > I received an CD ROM from University of California, Title is AMBER
> > as per instruction i have installed LINUX 7.1. But ,I am not able to
> > use the software....
>I don't understand where you problem is: you will need to be much more
>specific. I assume you followed the steps in the README file, but I cannot
>tell from your mail at which step you encountered problems. As I read your
>mail, you say you have "installed" Amber, but cannot "access" it. The
>general process is:
>a. get the files off the CDROM onto your hard disk
>b. compile the programs
>c. run the test cases
>d. run your own problems, that you are interested in.
>You would need to be much more specific about what you did, and exactly
>what problems have arisen.
>You should send questions like this to the Amber reflector:
><> and not to me personally.
>...regards....dave case
>David A. Case | e-mail:
>Dept. of Molecular Biology, TPC15 | fax: +1-858-784-8896
>The Scripps Research Institute | phone: +1-858-784-9768
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