combining trajectory file

From: Rukman Hertadi <>
Date: Tue 12 Mar 2002 18:48:49 +0900

HI Amber fans,

I am using AMBER 6 recently for my simulation work. I divided my long
simulation into several files but I have a problem in combining those files.
I tried to use "cat" to cambine them, for example:
cat md1.traj > md.traj
cat md2.traj >> md.traj

However, when I used ptraj to generate the rmsd of the new combined
trajectory files, the program did not read the file completely. Anybody who
knows to solve this problem, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Rukman Hertadi

Laboratory of Biodynamics
Graduate School of Biosience and Biotechnology
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Received on Tue Mar 12 2002 - 01:48:49 PST
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