Re: AMBER 99

From: Felipe Pineda <>
Date: Fri 1 Mar 2002 08:25:27 +0000

Hi John,

i think you are referring to 2 different things: the amber *program package*
whose latest version, hopefully shipping today :) , is 7, and, on the other
side the amber *force field*, which gives in different flavors ,i.a., 94, 99,
ff02 ... the issue of removal of translational and rotational motion during a
md simulation (to avoid e.g. the "flying ice cube effect" if you use a water
box) can be solved, as far as i know, already in amber5 or 6. it works through
the sander namelist (ntcm=1, see also the nscm flag). i suggest you to check
the documentation and the amber web site. but don't hesitate to contact me if
you have any other questions.

best regards & happy weekend


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