problem using xleap and tleap

From: Rozita Dara <>
Date: Wed 22 Aug 2001 13:13:08 -0400 (EDT)

Hi there,

I am having problem using xleap and tleap.

1. I can't load pdb files using xleap and tleap programs. It gives an
error message like:

ERROR: Syntax error

2. I've ran a simple minimization problem. I've the output file and a file
with ext. of XYZ. If I want to visualize the file, which program should I
use. If it is xleap program, what command (I used "load" command, but it
gave me the same error message).

I would very much appreciate your input.

Thank you


P.S. one more question, when I test AMBER with test.all command, it gives
me an Failer error message when running leap. It says "the environment is
not set". Even when I set the environment, it still gives me the same
error message.
Received on Wed Aug 22 2001 - 10:13:08 PDT
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