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From: Rino Ragno <rino.ragno_at_uniroma1.it>
Date: Wed 16 May 2001 13:47:15 +0200

Hello, everyone

I'm new at AMBER and I try to learning it.
Since I have always used TRIPOS I have lots of stuff in mol2 format I'd like
to use in amber. Till here there is no problem at all, but at the time I
convert the mol2 molecules into PDB files all the problems come out.
When I try to use the new PDB file, leap (or xleap) turned out that the
molecule have no atom type.
I checked and this is true, but I work with ligand-receptor complexes and
unfortunately the ligands are not protein based molecules and are thus
converted in a UNK residue.
Going around the AMBER distribution I founf a tripos_util command, but it is
not working or I do not how to use it.
Is there any utilities to convert a TRIPOS mol2 file into a AMBER one or in
a PDB file with the right atom types.

Anyone out there can help me?

Thank you in advance, I will summarize the answers i got.


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