LEaP compilation

From: Sanjeev B.S. <sanjeev_at_mbu.iisc.ernet.in>
Date: Thu 29 Mar 2001 10:00:27 +0400 (RET)

I get the following error while trying to compile leap.

"AllWidgets.c", line 8.10: 1506-296 (S) #include file
<X11/Xmu/WidgetNode.h> not found.
"AllWidgets.c", line 62.1: 1506-166 (S) Definition of function
XmuWidgetNode requires parentheses.
"AllWidgets.c", line 62.15: 1506-276 (S) Syntax error: possible missing
"AllWidgets.c", line 63.52: 1506-277 (S) Syntax error: possible missing
';' or ','?
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.

The directory amber6/src/leap/src/X11 has only the following four items:
Wc/ Xaw/ Xpm/ Xraw/

It seems Xmu, another director, is missing. Can anyone suggest me how to
get them please?

Thanking in advance,
Received on Wed Mar 28 2001 - 22:00:27 PST
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