[charmm-bbs] Post-doctoral position available

From: Chris Chipot <chipot_at_lctn.uhp-nancy.fr>
Date: Sat 17 Mar 2001 10:21:59 -0800

Computational investigation of protein-ligand interactions

A post-doctoral position is available, starting April 2001, to study
protein-ligand interactions, using statistical mechanics simulations
on massively parallel architectures.

This project involves some programming in an existing molecular dy-
namics code and apply free energy methodology to rank the affinities
of a series of pharmacologically active ligands to a protein of in-
terest. Results will be confronted to micro-calorimetry experiments
performed by a collaborating group.

Funding of this project is provided by a leading pharmaceutical com-

Applicants should have a strong background in statistical mechanics,
specifically free energy methodologies, and be familiar with perfor-
mance programming on massively parallel machines.

For further information, please, contact Dr. Chris Chipot:

Phone: (33) 3-83-91-25-96
Fax: (33) 3-83-91-25-30
E-mail: chipot_at_lctn.uhp-nancy.fr


Chris Chipot, Ph.D.
Laboratoire de Chimie Theorique Phone: (33) 3-83-91-25-96
U.M.R. C.N.R.S. No 7565 Fax: (33) 3-83-91-25-30
Universite Henri Poincare - Nancy I
B.P. 239
54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Cedex E-mail: chipot_at_lctn.uhp-nancy.fr


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