From: Anna Ferrari <>
Date: Fri 2 Mar 2001 11:57:28 +0100

I am starting to use PROFEC module and I have some problems with the
command line.
The command that I try to use is

cat <traj> | profec_grid <in> <top> <crd> <ljp> <vdw> <esp> <obj> <sav>

In tutorial makeGrid page the reported command to run makeGrid is
makeGrid not profec_grid, but I can't find makeGrid file anywhere, than I
chose profec_grid command.
Could generously anyone help me to run PROFEC?
Thank you

Anna Maria Ferrari
Dip. di Scienze Farmaceutiche
Univ. di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Via Campi 183, 41100 Modena, Italy
Received on Fri Mar 02 2001 - 02:57:28 PST
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