Re: sader-classic

From: Nathalie Godbout <>
Date: Tue 23 Jan 2001 14:10:54 -0500 (EST)

Hi Joseph,

You don't need to recompile. You need to set the environment variable
MP_SET_NUMTHREADS which is done by typing on your command line (or in a
script) the following:


This will make sander_classic run on one processor. sander_classic is
parallelized with c$doacross directives, a precursor to the OpenMP

Good luck,


On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Joseph Nachman wrote:

> Hello AMBER users,
> I'm using Sander-classic in order to perform a simmulated annealing slow
> cool in vacuum on a large number of structures. I notice that although
> sander-classic is not parallelized, it suns in eight processors (of
> shared memory, I presume). In view of the large number of SAs that I have
> to perform, of the way my computer resources are allocated, I'd rather
> perform eight SAs simulataneously on one processoreach, than on SA on 8
> processors.
> I wonnder if this possible, and if yes, how?Is it necessary to recompile
> sander-classic, and how?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joseph Nachman
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