announcing mdxvu MD aanalysis code

From: Mark Forster <>
Date: Mon 20 Nov 2000 16:30:58 +0000

Dear Molecular Modellers

The mdxvu program (pronounded MDX view) is a molecular dynamics and molecular
structure analysis code. The program was initially developed as a lightweight
tool for visualising and analysing MD trajectories produced by the AMBER suite
of programs. Trajectories produced by the TINKER suite can now also be analysed
after file conversion. A file filter for handling the output of the DISCOVER
dynamics program is in development.

The binaries, a brief manual and example files for mdxvu are now available from
the site

The mdxvu program uses the X11/Xlib library for graphics. It was developed and
tested on Silicon Graphics and Intel/Linux systems. The SGI executable should
run on R4000 or higher CPUs under Irix 6.5 or later. The Linux version was built
on a PIII system using Red Hat linux 6.1, this version has also been found to
work on a SuSE Linux 6.3 installation.

See the manual.htm file for a more detailed description of the program features.

Mark Forster

  Dr Mark J Forster Ph.D.
  Principal Scientist
  Informatics Laboratory
  National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
  Blanche Lane, South Mimms,
  Hertfordshire EN6 3QG, United Kingdom.
  Tel  +44 (0)1707 654753
  FAX  +44 (0)1707 646730
Received on Mon Nov 20 2000 - 08:30:58 PST
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