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Date: Fri 27 Oct 2000 17:42:36 +0200

IŽd like to construct some alpha-helix structures by using the Leap
programme and the values written in the protein.cmd file (directory:
As it is not reported in this file, can I have the reference about these
Best regards,
Paola DŽAlessio

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Date: 28 Oct 2000 13:51:27 -0500
From: Boyd <>
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Subject: book on molecular design
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Volume 16 of REVIEWS IN COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY has been published.
Four chapters present tutorials and reviews on:

o Diversity analysis and combinatorial library design
o Artificial neural networks and their use in chemistry
o Force fields for materials modeling
o Free energy calculations for predicting ligand binding affinities

The authors are: Atul Agarwal, David E. Clark, Mark D. Erion, Clive
M. Freeman, Jšrg-RŸdiger Hill, Richard A. Lewis, Keith L. Peterson,
Stephen D. Pickett, M. Rami Reddy, and Lalitha Subramanian.

The ISBN of Vol. 16, which is published by Wiley-VCH, is 0-471-38667-7.
More information about the books can be found at

Thanks, Don

Donald B. Boyd, Ph.D.
        Editor, Reviews in Computational Chemistry
        Editor, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling (published
        in affiliation with the ACS Computers in Chemistry Division)
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