min error

From: Eoin Galligan <paxeg_at_unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk>
Date: Wed 25 Oct 2000 19:22:00 +0100 (BST)

Dear all

I am trying a basic minimisation; the following is my input file:

 imin=1, maxcyc=100, nptr =20, scee=1.2, nsnb=1000, ntmin=2,

sander_classic -O -i min.in -p topfile.top -c crdfile.crd -o min.out -r

 -When I run the min I receive the following error message, however I cant
see what is wrong with the input file.

fmt: read unexpected character
apparent state: unit 5 named min.in
last format: (F10.0,10I5)
Unit 5 is a sequential formatted external file
*** Execution Terminated (115) ***

All help gratefully received!
With Regards, E. Galligan

tel: 0115 9515151 ext 66272
mobile: 07968 349629
mobile email: eoingalligan_at_sms.genie.co.uk
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Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis,
Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Nottingham University,
University Park,
NG7 2RD,
Received on Wed Oct 25 2000 - 11:22:00 PDT
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