sander on sgi O2/R5k--workaround

From: Nathalie Godbout <>
Date: Tue 24 Oct 2000 14:46:58 -0700

Hi Giulio,

  The mips4 version of libfastm on R5000 systems can unfortunately give
incorrect results. The current workaround for this problem is to link
with libm instead of libfastm. I have verified that this works. In the
MACHINE file, replace the following line:

  set LFASTM = '-lfastm'


  set LFASTM = '-lm'
  set LFASTM = ' '

There will be a fixed version of libfastm for 6.5.10. Again, I will
emphasize that this problem only occurs for the R5000 based-systems.


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Received on Tue Oct 24 2000 - 14:46:58 PDT
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