information on troubleshooting in Amber

From: amit kumar <>
Date: Mon 9 Oct 2000 23:11:39 -0700 (PDT)

Hello,> I am Amit Kumar of All India Institute of
> Sciences ,India.I am currently working in the lab of
> Dr.V.KOthekar in the Department of Biophysics.We
> been a regular user of Amber 4.1,Amber5 and now we
> working on Amber6(on P.C with Linux operating
> But currently we have been facing some problem with
> amber5.I have been trying to add counterions through
> xleap.I have tried adding counterions first and then
> solvate and vice versa.But till now I have not met
> with success.When I add counterions(Cl-)first and
> solvate it ,then after adding the ions and giving
> co-ordinate it stops without adding solvate
> showing"Bus error".I would like to know what this
> error stands for.This error is also printed when I
> counterion but no solvate.I have not tried it on
> Amber6 since we have it on PC and this system after
> solvation has round about 12,000-15,000 atoms.I
> request you to kindly advice me on this problem.
> previously during the molecular dynamics with sander
> we have been coming accross 'LINMIN error'.I would
> also like to know for what does it stand.I will be
> highly obliged by your co-operation.> Thanking you,>

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Received on Mon Oct 09 2000 - 23:11:39 PDT
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