Re: docking

From: Andreas Svrcek-Seiler <>
Date: Thu 5 Oct 2000 18:48:46 +0200 (CEST)

> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> MD production, tautp=0.2, taup=0.2

sorry i can not answer your question, but if the line above means that
you run a 'production run' of a MD with tautp=0.2,
you should be warned, the berendsen method (especially with tautp small)
can produce bad artefacts. i.e. it tends to freeze out the highest
frequency eigenmodes of your system und to pump the kinetic energy
into the lower frequency eigenmodes. for details see
"The Flying Icecube: Velocity rescaling in Molecular Dynamics Leads to
Violation of Energy Equipartition", Harvey et al., Journ. Comp. Chem.
 19,7, 726-740.

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