AMBER 6.0 on parallel IBM SP system.

From: Gerard GIL <>
Date: Tue 30 May 2000 16:09:07 +0200

i try to install AMBER 6.0 on our IBM SP system and i get a lot of errors :

- compiling errors
- linking errors

this errors make me feel that this version had never been install on a such platform before.

Am i right ? Is there someone who installs it on IBM SP ?

I solve some basics C errors and link error and now i fails trying to link the utilMakeHelp module.
Now it asks me for old thread symbols like thread_kill, thread_init,... and i cant go ahead.

Is there someone who can help ?



Gerard GIL
Received on Tue May 30 2000 - 07:09:07 PDT
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