4096wat running problem

From: Kouji Hauyama <hayama_at_lance.mecha.osakafu-u.ac.jp>
Date: Fri 26 May 2000 23:09:42 +0900

Hi, amber user.
Recently I am trying compile amber6 sander with MPICH(1.2.0) compiled
with PGI-3.1 compiler on linux.
I could compile sander.
But, I couldn't run the test 4096wat.
Sander crash with the messages.....
I think that Unit 7 is mdinfo.

 using 5000.0 points per unit in tabled values
 TESTING RELATIVE ERROR over r ranging from 0.0 to cutoff
| CHECK switch(x): max rel err = 0.3242E-14 at 2.436720
| CHECK d/dx switch(x): max rel err = 0.8156E-11 at 2.782960
     Total number of mask terms = 12288
     Total number of mask terms = 24576
| Total Ewald setup time = 0.32999999


  Unit 7 Error on OPEN:

  Unit 7 Error on OPEN:
[1] MPI Abort by user Aborting program !
[1] Aborting program!
p1_18240: p4_error: : 1
rm_l_1_18241: p4_error: interrupt SIGINT: 2
bm_list_18234: p4_error: net_recv read: probable EOF on socket: 1

Would you tell me to solve the problem.
Thank you.
Received on Fri May 26 2000 - 07:09:42 PDT
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