Compilation of AMBER 6.0 on Origin 2000

From: Marios Philippopoulos <>
Date: Thu 10 Feb 2000 11:00:03 -0500

Dear AMBER users,

I have come across an error in compiling AMBER v6.0 on a multiprocessor
Origin 2000 machine. In the .bashrc file I had declared:

set AMBERHOME=/home/mphilip/progs/amber/amber6
export PATH

Then in the amber6/src directory:

ln -s -f Machines/Machine.sgi MACHINE
make install

By this I was hoping to get the basic (serial) version of AMBER and then

recompile sander and gibbs linking to the Machine.sgi_mpi file.
The "basic" compilation went OK for the most part until I hit the point
just before the end of the "install" part of the /src/Makefile:

cd interface; ./install_ambint

At that point I got the error:
 AMBERHOME - Undefined variable
***Error code 1 (bu21)

Upon looking at the exe directory, I find that the executable
"interface" has been
produced just fine, and it is the most recently produced.

My questions are:
- Am I missing any more executables?
- Did I define the AMBERHOME variable correctly in the .bashrc file?

Thank you for any advice.


Marios Philippopoulos

Marios Philippopoulos, PhD
Structural Biology and Biochemistry Programme
Hospital for Sick Children
555 University Avenue
Toronto Ontario Canada M5G 1X8
Received on Thu Feb 10 2000 - 08:00:03 PST
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