[AMBER] Announcement: Release of DOCK 6.10

From: Scott Brozell via AMBER <amber.ambermd.org>
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2023 13:47:02 -0500

We are pleased to announce the release of DOCK 6.10.

DOCK is a suite of programs for molecular docking.
The source code for DOCK 6.10 is available for download and free
for academic users at http://dock.compbio.ucsf.edu/DOCK_6/index.htm

This is a release of the new genetic algorithm DOCK_GA:
Molecular evolution for ligand design.
DOCK_GA evolves molecules through breeding, mutation, fitness
pressure, and selection. The method leverages powerful sampling,
scoring, and searching routines previously implemented into DOCK 6.

For full information on what is new in DOCK 6.10, please visit:



The DOCK Team

Please visit us at the DOCK Web site.

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