[AMBER] Unwrapping in MSD calculations with pytraj/cpptraj

From: Cianna Calia via AMBER <amber.ambermd.org>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2022 05:57:56 -0700

Hello AMBER community!

I am wondering if anyone can help me understand how the diffusion functions
in pytraj/cpptraj handle unwrapping. When I try using pytraj to calculate
an atom's MSD from a trajectory unwrapped in cpptraj (with "unwrap
byatom"), I am unsure why it deviates from pytraj's result for the original
wrapped trajectory, since I thought pytraj would deal with unwrapping
automatically in a way that would give the same result as using the already
unwrapped trajectory. But the X, Y, and Z datasets differ starting where
unwrapping becomes relevant for each dimension.

More detail - I have the original wrapped trajectory
1hg7_WT_cubic_100ns_1_last2ns.nc and an unwrapped trajectory
unwrap_2ns_test1.nc made in cpptraj like this:

parm 1hg7_WT_cubic.prmtop
trajin 1hg7_WT_cubic_100ns_1_last2ns.nc
unwrap byatom
trajout unwrap_2ns_test1.nc

I tried the following diffusion calculations with pytraj:

import pytraj as pt

original_traj = pt.load('1hg7_WT_cubic_100ns_1_last2ns.nc',
pt_diffusion_orig_traj = pt.diffusion(original_traj, '.1730', dtype='dict',
frame_indices=[i for i in range(len(original_traj))])

unwrapped_traj = pt.load('unwrap_2ns_test1.nc', '1hg7_WT_cubic.prmtop')
pt_diffusion_unw_traj = pt.diffusion(unwrapped_traj, '.1730', dtype='dict',
frame_indices=[i for i in range(len(unwrapped_traj))])

I am hoping for clarification on why pt_diffusion_orig_traj and
pt_diffusion_unw_traj are not the same.

I observe the same situation when I do analogous calculations with cpptraj
as opposed to pytraj. I also tried seeing how the noimage option with the
cpptraj diffusion function affects the results, and I am similarly confused
about why the two diffusion calculations below give different results
(again, differing starting from where there's unwrapping):

parm 1hg7_WT_cubic.prmtop
trajin 1hg7_WT_cubic_100ns_1_last2ns.nc
diffusion out orig_traj_1730_diff_cpptraj.dat time 1.0 ".1730" nocalc
unwrap byatom
diffusion out unwrapped_traj_1730_diff_cpptraj.dat time 1.0 noimage ".1730"

Taking out the "byatom" option makes no noticeable difference, nor does
removing the "noimage" option from the diffusion command acting on the
already unwrapped trajectory. The difference between the diffusion data
before and after unwrapping here is not the same as the difference I
observe when I use the diffusion command on the original wrapped trajectory
with vs. without the "noimage" option.

Thanks in advance for any help with understanding this!
Cianna Calia
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