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From: Jordi Bujons via AMBER <amber.ambermd.org>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 18:38:15 +0200


I am trying to simulate a system that includes a chloride bound ionophore
and a POPC membrane to study the anion transport process, but I find that
the anion is easily released into the water slab even if use restraints to
keep it bound. I wonder if the restraints are correctly defined. I am using
the following inputs for the production phase:

> cat Prod.in
Lipid production 303K 20ns
  imin=0, !Minimization is turned off
  ntx=5, !Read coordinates, velocities and box information
  irest=1, !Restart simulation from previous restat file
  ntc=2, !SHAKE on
  ntf=2, !SHAKE constrain bonds to hydrogen
  tol=0.0000001, !Relative geometrical tolerance for coordinate
resetting in shake
  nstlim=10000000, !number of MD steps
  ntt=3, !Langevin dynamics for temp control
  gamma_ln=1.0, !thermostat collision frequency of 1.0 ps-1
  temp0=303.0, !Final temp
  ntpr=5000, !write to output file every ntpr steps
  ntwr=500000, !write a restart file every ntwr steps
  ntwx=5000, !write to trajectroy file every ntwx steps
  dt=0.002, !time step in ps
  ig=-1, !random number seed
  ntb=2, !Use constant pressure PBC
  ntp=2, !anisotropic (x-,y-,z-) pressure scaling
  cut=10.0, !cutoff of 10 angstroms
  ioutfm=1, !write trajectory files in NetCDF format
  ntxo=2, !NetCDF output of the final coordinates, velocities,
and box size

> cat RST.dist
 &rst iat=1,17288,0
   r1=3.300000, r2=3.500000, r3=3.500000, r4=3.700000, rk2=5.000000,
   nstep1=0, nstep2=0,
 &rst iat=3,17288,0
   r1=3.300000, r2=3.500000, r3=3.500000, r4=3.700000, rk2=5.000000,
   nstep1=0, nstep2=0,
 &rst iat=54,17288,0
   r1=3.300000, r2=3.500000, r3=3.500000, r4=3.700000, rk2=5.000000,
   nstep1=0, nstep2=0,
 &rst iat=37,17288,0
   r1=1.850000, r2=1.970000, r3=1.970000, r4=2.100000, rk2=5.000000,
   nstep1=0, nstep2=0,

where atom 17288 is the chloride and atoms 1, 3, 37 and 54 are from the
ionophore molecule. Is there anything wrong with these inputs?

Thanks for any comments.


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