Re: [AMBER] What is the compatible versions of the MKL for Amber22?

From: Gao Zhenting via AMBER <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2022 10:09:34 +0800

Hi Dac,

Good to know that absense of MKL will not affect Amber in most cases. So I
will stop trying MKL for now.
On the other hand, by adding -DFORCE_EXTERNAL_LIBS="mkl", the run_cmake can
not recongnize the installed MKL 2022, with relevant error as
"-- Could NOT find MKL (missing: MKL_INTERFACE_LIBRARY

The MKL I installed is the latest verion,

Best regards

David A Case <> 于2022年7月1日周五 20:08写道:

> On Fri, Jul 01, 2022, Gao Zhenting via AMBER wrote:
> >
> >As my workstation is Intel CPU based, I want to enable MKL during Amber22
> >installation.
> >I installed (the latest mkl version),
> >and sourced of the installed mkl, but during Amber22
> >installation, the MKL library can not be found.
> >
> >Isn't this MKL version compatible with Amber22? Or I missed something
> >during the run_cmake?
> You can add -DFORCE_EXTERNAL_LIBS="mkl" to your run-cmake script. Other
> options are here:
> Don't expect to see much difference for the vast majority of Amber
> calculations, but there may be a few places that see speedups. And Xray
> refinement in pmemd (CPU version) requires MKL. MKL is not turned on by
> default because (at least in the past) there were actually some
> comptability
> issues.
> Others on the list may have more relevant experience.
> ....dac
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