[AMBER] Problem in installing AMBER 20 Ubantu ; configuring molecules from own data obtained from Gaussian

From: Satya Pal Singh <spspms.mmmut.ac.in>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2021 05:18:11 +0000

1: The installation instructions when followed exactly on ubantu is asking for installation of more files; showing messages as Unable to locate package zlib1g-dev etc.(See Screenshots) There were others but I have removed or updated as required with the help of answer available on websites. I have installed zlib1g-dev but not working yet.

2: Both the tar files were first extracted in a folder /home/spsas/

Then extracted in the same folder using tar command as mentioned in installation guide.

3: pthon-mathplotlib is not available so I have rather installed python3-mathplotlib and changed the command replacing python with python3. Installed python separately, but writing could not find phyton when giving command during installation

4: Please guide us stepwise exactly how to complete the installation in perfect manner. The documented commands do not appear to work.

5: Further we shall study liquid crystal molecule properties of which we have already obtained optimized structures using Gaussian09. We want to provide/fetch the optimized coordinates into Amber Input data and want to add some other guest atoms or group of atoms to observe the reorganization process at molecular scale. Kindly guide us how to do that?

We need your support urgently.

We shall remain be grateful for your kind favor.

With Best Regards,
Dr. Satya Pal Singh
Asst. Professor in Physics (Sr.)
Department of Applied Sciences
M M M University of Technology
Uttar Pradesh
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