[AMBER] Error 11 Paramfit

From: Swisher, Justin S <Swisher122.live.missouristate.edu>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 17:23:07 +0000

Hello, everyone

I'm going through the paramfit tutorial to create a forcefield file for a subunit that I'm creating. I have gotten to the fifth part where you are meant to conduct a single molecule fit and after trying multiple times, I am receiving a signal 11 error after I try to put in the initial value of K I received from the previous part of the tutorial. Is this a problem with amber or something wrong with my computer? I have made sure that the file I'm referencing is in the right directory and my starting K value doesn't seem strange compared to the one used in the tutorial mine is -301205.226248 and the tutorial reference is -466524.473754.

Thank you for any and all assistance!

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