[AMBER] updating to ambertools 20 from version 19

From: Homeo Morphism <homeo.morphizm.gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 15 May 2020 13:57:48 +0300

I had AmberTools 19.09. update_amber command only took me as far as
updating to 19.12, but refuses to go further and update to version 20. As
per the manual, I ran a cmake command, but there was no invitation to any
updates either. It required that I point to the source and build
directories, although the manual suggests that update is an automatic
process. I'm hesitant to download the source files and do it manually so as
to not break something and then have to re-install everything from scratch.
How should I proceed? Thank you.
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Received on Fri May 15 2020 - 04:00:02 PDT
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